Gulpfile :: Tips & Hints for successfull stream-pipelining

On this article, I collect all relevant information about Gulp to have a reference for a successful work with it!


Gulp is like a sequenced NodeJS-App, which does multiple tasks in an order (pipeline) to create a file (data-stream), e.g. SASS assets compiling…

I found a good article about errorhandling with “Gulp” written by Kate Hudson on following pagelink:


This is the modified Gulpfile from the Roots.IO “Sage” theme, which the Awebgo template is based on. The functions for font-recalculation and image-resizing are deactivated, so there’s a faster way to watch the scss-files on change. A modification for extended error-handling is also implemented [see: .plumber()]:

You can build your own WordPress theme with the “Sage” starter-package from Roots.IO and use the enhanced features of Gulp for the layout-design in the SASS language:

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